Many people assume that hair loss is an inevitable part of getting older and that you don’t have any choice but to accept it. While it’s true that you can’t control male pattern baldness or one of the many health conditions that cause hair loss in women, Connecticut Non Surgical Hair Restoration Doctors offer many options to help you re-grow your natural hair. Regardless of what anyone says, you don’t have to passively accept hair loss and the consequences it brings. You deserve to look your best and feel confident in your appearance.

What Non Surgical Hair Restoration Doctors Can Offer You

After you choose a doctor from the Connecticut Non Surgical Hair Restoration Doctors Directory, the next step it to meet with him or her to learn more about your options. Your doctor will review your hair loss history and make a recommendation based on your treatment goals. All of the procedures described below allow you grow your own hair again within several months. Connecticut Non Surgical Hair Restoration is ideal for people whose hair loss has not progressed to the point of needing a transplant as well as those who prefer a more conservative approach.

ACell Non Surgical Hair Restoration

Traditional surgeons have used ACell for many years to facilitate cell and tissue repair for their patients after a surgical procedure. Several years ago, medical researchers discovered that it had the same stimulating effect on dormant hair follicles. When your Connecticut Non Surgical Hair Restoration Doctor injects ACell powder combined with saline solution into your scalp, it provides immediate nutrition to the hair follicles. This enables them to produce healthy new hair after not producing any hair at all for months or years.

Your doctor will monitor your hair re-growth after ACell treatment to determine if you need additional sessions. The procedure takes place in an outpatient setting and only requires a few hours to complete. If you have significant hair loss, he or she may recommend combining ACell with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy.

Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) Hair Restoration

Connecticut Low Level Laser TherapyLow Level Light Therapy (LLLT) stimulates hair follicles by emitting light energy directly onto your scalp. This occurs over time when you wear a specially designed helmet or cap for approximately half an hour several times per week. You do not feel any discomfort while undergoing LLLT and can use this time to read, use the Internet, or simply relax.

Some Connecticut Non Surgical Hair Restoration Doctors use LLLT after a hair transplant to help expedite the hair re-growth process. It takes several weeks to months for healthy new hair to emerge, but it will occur as long as you use the LLLT device as recommended. You may be able to complete therapy at home in certain situations.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Restoration Therapy

Your blood platelets contain plasma that is rich in growth factors and other nutrients. When you choose Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to re-grow your natural hair, your Connecticut Non Surgical Hair Restoration Doctor obtains a blood sample from you and then immediately transfers it to a centrifuge. This isolates the PRP from the rest of your blood. After combining it with solution and providing you with a local anesthetic, your doctor injects the PRP into your scalp.

When the PRP enters your body, it travels to the hair follicles to provide them with the necessary nutrients to start producing healthy new hairs. Some patients notice significant hair growth after one session while others need multiple sessions to achieve their desired results. Your Connecticut Non Surgical Hair Restoration Doctor will advise you of the treatment plan after the first session.

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